A healthy diet is important at any stage in life but making sure children under 5 are getting all the right nutrients is key to their development.

However we believe that meal times are so much more than just about eating. Breakfast, lunch and snack are very important times of the day.

Children and staff come together and we place great emphasis on capitalising on the opportunities these occasions present to develop a wealth of skills:


Health and Wellbeing

  • Independence and choice by self-serving and helping to set up, prepare and clear away after.
  • Foster a healthy lifestyle by considering healthy options and developing understanding of food groups etc.


  • Listening and talking by engaging in conversation with peers and adults around the table.
  • Reading by looking at menus provided on tables.


  • Counting pieces of fruit and other items on offer.
  • Awareness of time and days of the week.

You can find a copy of our food menu here!