Parents choose us because we want the same things for their children - the best education and childcare they can find. 

With experience throughout the primary sector, Sheena has always taken an interest in the early years and has concentrated on developing her knowledge and skills in this area. Having supported many colleagues in a variety of settings to develop their skills and improve their own provision, she is well qualified in experience and academically to lead provision of care and education in her own establishment.

Her business partner and long time friend, Alistair, has headed up various organisations, running four businesses between 1993 and 2003. After setting up his own company he went on to lead an management buyout to acquire companies trading internationally.

Sheena and Alistair want the very best for the future of the children and the nursery and have an ongoing commitment to recruiting skilled and motivated staff on that basis. Our management team has the perfect blend of experience and qualifications. With over 60 years’ experience between us and a Bachelor of Education, PGCE in Early Years  already under our belts and we are always learning!