Little Voices puts children at the heart of an inspirational learning community to go above and beyond expectations by committing to the highest quality of education, development and support for all.

What does that mean? It means that everything we do revolves around your child. From the personal development and management of the staff, to the community spirit of the Little Voices team and our carefully planned learning environment, which encourages free play and independent choice.


Our approach to curriculum design is based around encouraging independence through responsive education. For our 3-5 year olds, we work to the Curriculum for Excellence. We use this framework to guide the content of our learning and teaching, which is ultimately inspired by the children. What this means is that we listen to what the children are talking about and pay attention to what is currently happening in their lives. We bring these interests to life through books, storytelling, art and the many other resources within the nursery, sparking their curiosity and encourage them to make choices and influence the direction of their learning. This approach is all about putting the child and their interests first. We plan in a way that is responsive, inspiring and focused on their lives, making it relevant to them to ensure learning outcomes are achieved. You can find out more about our curriculum by visiting our Learning Zone.

Daffodils, Bluebells and Poppies 
For the younger children, we follow the Pre-birth to 3 documents. We are very aware of the important role staff have to play in this sensitive time of brain development. It is essential that young children receive the correct stimulus and responses in order to develop the connection of pathways within the brain which will be vital in ensuring emotional well being and the development of speech understanding of language. Skilled staff respond and interact appropriately with the children throughout their day in the nursery.

We employ heuristic learning methods to feed their curiosity and encourage independent thinking at an early age. This approach allows the children to explore a variety of textures, using all their senses. Many of these resources are made of natural materials and everyday objects

Our commitment to responding to the individual needs and routines of our children has been enhanced by the purchase of ‘dream coracles’. These are wooden cradles that allow the crawling babies to make their own way into bed when they feel tired and ready to rest.

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